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Cosmic view of the earth


A breathtaking picture of our planet earth from outer space. Looks like the photo has been clicked from one of the earth's orbitals. Considering the image is black and white, chances are that this is one of the first pictures of the earth from space.

The horizon of the earth is captured beautifully showcasing the quarter angled curvature lining. The surface has a lot of land patches illustrating microscopic textures. The white chunks all over the globe are a thin crisp layer of clouds hovering over the landmass. The left out parts in black have to be water, but the texture isn't convincing to confirm any details. And in the center, towards the lower right, the earth's surface has acquired a gorgeous reflecting beam of the sun. Also, because the earth is in the foreground, we can't really spot the details above the horizon, in the Cosmos.

Our planet from outer space looks so stunning, that it gives the vibes of serenity. It's incredible that we get to live in such a beautiful world. I'm grateful to all the remarkable space flighters and scientists for letting us admire our planet.

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