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Must know Vaseline hacks

Must know Vaseline hacks

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Vaseline has always been something, my bag never really ran out of. I never knew what else could it be used for, other than as a lip balm. Eventually, various lip balms with numerous flavors and fragrances attracted the consumers. I always wondered how I could use these Vaseline petroleum jelly as? And yes I did come up with some Vaseline hacks we could use for in our day to day activities.

DIY lip balms and lip scrubs:
Yes, when we prepare natural homemade lip balms and lip scrubs, Vaseline can be used as a moisturizer and binder to hold the mixture well.

Taming frizzy baby hairs:
Sleek hairs are the talk of the town. But the baby hairs never stay in place especially when we own frizzy hair. Apply Vaseline using fingertips and set the baby hairs into place. We definitely don't want a heap of chemicals on our hair right?

Set brows right:
There are days when our eyebrows are out of shape meantime we cannot roam with a messy brow as well. Vaseline is always there for the rescue. Old mascara brush coated well with Vaseline works wonders in taming the eyebrows well.

Highlighter: Why spend dollars on highlighter, just use a little amount of Vaseline. Highlight the high points of the face with the help of Vaseline anytime.it's effective and completely safe.

Uplift lashes:
We all want those black lushy natural lashes, all we need to do is curl the lashes with old mascara brush coated well with Vaseline. Enjoy the natural shiny voluminous lashes.

Clean nail paint application:
We all want that neat nail polish coats, but every single time the enamel spills over the cuticles making it look untidy, is a quick remedy to fix this. Apply Vaseline to the cuticles before applying nail paint. After normal application, rub off the extras easily.

Smell good for longer: We wear awesome perfumes but still stink in just a few hours by sweating. Here is a small tip to make your perfume last longer. Glide a little Vaseline on wrist, neck, etc, and then apply the perfume. This will help the perfume last longer and isn’t harmful to the skin too.

So go glam go beautiful BOSSuaLOOK.

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